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Hello I am facing a problem with opening the file and the problem is that I have copied and then burnt it with toast as DVD as even however even I tried in playing the burned DVD as I got an error message that it cannot be opened, and it is not a movie file.

Kindly help me in fixing this issue.

Thank You.


The movie could not be opened.
The file is not a movie file.

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I think the problem is existing with your file. Because this error message saying this file is not a movie file. The reason is either this file is in wrong format or the file is corrupted due to some reason.

Another thing is this file may not compatible with the Mac OS which you are currently using.

There are several ways to check those things I mentioned above.

First to see if there is any file corruption you should try to open this file in another machine. If it is open without any problems that mean your machine has some problem.

You have to try to open this file using windows or Linux OS to find there is an error with supporting from the OS.

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This problem can be attributed to several reasons. 
1. The movie file is corrupted.You haven't properly burned the movie file. 
2. The DVD is corrupted. 
3. The system does not support this file format.  
The first thing we may check is if you have properly burned the movie file. Locate the original file and play it. If the file opened, you can try re-burning the file. 
If it still doesn't work, you can burn try burning it in another DVD. Make sure the disc is free from scratches and in good condition. 
Lastly, you can also check if your system supports this file. Check the properties of the file and if your media player supports this file format. You can check on the internet what file formats a certain application can support. If your media player does not support this file format, you can install another application that is compatible with this file format.