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Hi Everyone, I have just reformatted my disk and I don't know how to view photos on the web.

While trying to view a photo it shows a square with a red x in it.

Can you help me out in non-technical terms?

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Hi James Franklin,

it easy to resolve this problem just follow my instruction carefuly

This problem is maybe caused from your web navigator so to resolve this problem try to use an other navigator for example fire fox install it and try if you have the same problem it mean that the problem is cause by the OS

make sure that Viewer.exe exist in you c:windows/system32 folder

if it does not exist

reinstall windows xp

if you have the same problem you have to format your computer and install an other version of windows xp if you have important data in your pc solve them before starting the Format operation.

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Since you have a newly-installed operating system, be sure you have already setup Windows' internet connection correctly. Try browsing some websites with Windows Internet Explorer. If Windows can connect freely to the internet, you can now view any images or photos and save them on your computer.

Now, search Google for some websites that have different images or photos then go to the website.

To view an image that is displayed in a website, right click on the chosen image and then select View Image.

But there are websites that let you click an image and will give you a much clearer close-up shot of that image.

Sharath Reddy