FileASSASSIN error in function delete file

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Greetings to all computer masters,

I am posting here my problem regarding the error I encountered while using the FileASSASSIN, I am posting herewith is the error message screen that I captured.

 An error occurred in function Delete FILE.

FindRemoteFileHandles returned NULL value. This may affect deletion of file. Please report this error to the FileASSASSIN support team.

As I analyzed on the error, its to complicated for me to understand, since I am not so techy to digest all those terms, and this is my first time to read this error, what I only did as a rescue to this scenario is to scan my computer for some virus infiltration, but no virus was found, that's all that comes in my mind, please share some solution to this post,

Thanks a lot.

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FileASSASSIN error in function delete file


Here is a solution to the problem. I hope this can help you.

  • Are you using Windows 7? It adheres to much stricter permission than Windows previous versions.
  • What file do you wish to delete and why? If you are trying to delete a hard link or some other system file, that would result to ACCESS DENIED set on its purpose.
  • Is it a protected OS file or Malware file? If it is, then you cannot be able to delete it.
  • You may install Revo Uninstaller to help you install software and remove unwanted programs in your computer if you find it hard to uninstall them using Windows Add/Remove Programs". Revo Uninstaller can analyze applications' data too before it is uninstalled and will scan after the application has been removed.
  • Please provide me with more details on the file in question.

REMINDER: Be careful of what you are tying to delete. File Assassin is a powerful program, designed to remove highly persistent files. If used incorrectly, it could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system.

Thank you very much and I wish to hear more details from you.

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