Error Mobile Phone MPEG-4 while converting files

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Good Day everyone!

I am fond of collecting music videos on my phone. And I have a Video Converter on my computer. As I convert some songs from my computer, to my cellular phone one of the songs failed to complete the action.


Any Video Converter
Error occurs
What is the meaning of that code? I can't understand the error because of the character code. Is the song not compatible with the converter? Or is the file not valid for MPEG-4?
Can you readers do something about this error? Explain to me why the error occurred in the computer.
Thanks looking forward to your answers.
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Error Mobile Phone MPEG-4 while converting files



The text in the image that you've posted cannot be seen clearly, so it is impossible to understand what error code is being shown.
However, if it the error messages are being shown for specific video files only, the converter may have problem decoding the files. Check if Windows Media Player can play the file properly. The file may be damaged or corrupt at some point to make the converter crash. Try to play it one whole time in media player and see if it skips or stutters at some point.
Also, try to convert the file into some other format than Mobile MPEG4 first and then convert the output into Mobile MPEG4. Also try to change the resolution to something else in settings. Normally, MPEG4 output requires the output resolution to be factor of 8.
It may also be the fault of the converter software components. Try uninstalling-reinstalling the converter. Also, you can try using a different converter software. Xilisoft Video converter or Windows Xvid4PSP are two good converters you can try.

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