Error message while working with eclipse

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Good day friends, a friend of mine ask a help from me, he emailed me an error message that I cannot understand, since I am not an eclipse user, and my friend is also new with eclipse, I posted below the screen shot of the error.

Problem During Content Assist

The ‘’ proposal

 computer from the ‘’ plug-in did not complete normally.

The extension took too long to return from the  ‘computerCompletionProposals()’ operation.

To avoid this message, disable the ‘’plug-inor disable the “Java

 Types (Mylar)’ category on the content assist preference page.

As I ask my friend, he encounter this error message while working with eclipse, this is the first time he encountered such error, as a none eclipse user I don't have an idea on the problem, I search the internet for some solution to the problem, but none was found that might help us solve the issue, I am posting this error message in hope to get some help,

I salute with many thanks.

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Error message while working with eclipse



In the most cased uninstalling the  Mylyn/Java integration was wide success in fixing  the error event. Increase the Xmx to -Xmx768m and unmark Java Proposals (Task-Focused) and mark just Java Proposals. It's being work fine since i did this changes.

If Mylyn is not used another solution could be to disable the automatic activation of the Mylyn plug-ins on startup: Window -> Preferences -> General -> Startup and Shutdown

eclipse.ini and doubled the XXMaxPermSize to 512M. According to Sun:

MaxPermSize specifies the maximum size for the permanent generation heap, a heap that holds objects such as classes and methods.

I hope it can help you.

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