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Hi fellow techyv users,

I don't know if you've experienced this yourselves but have you noticed that the "Error Message" is truncated in the MTM when it's longer than expected? I think the length of the "Error Message" in the MTM should depend in the backend database in the Team Foundation Server (TFS). 

To answer this, I modified the length of the column "Error Message" in the TFS backend database. Unfortunately, this didn't help at all. The problem still persisted. The "Error Message" is still truncated in the MTM when it's very long. 

Do you, guys, know why? I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks a lot!

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The problem you are getting is this server you are using is not fine and you have receiving truncated error so for this you have to do the following:

1. The connection of the database to the server is not good make that good and make changed to make that perfect or reset all the settings

2. The server is not supporting the database you are using so remove this non-supporting factor your server and database both will run properly and you will not get and truncation error. Hope t is solution will help you getting out of the problem.