Error message in a thoroughly updated version of XP Home Edition

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Hello experts,

I am running a thoroughly updated version of XP Home Edition. After my wife was doing some questionable surfing and downloading (free scrapbooking content, of all things), and after encountering a highly suspicious website, I now get the following message:

"The application or DLL C:WindowsSystem32zigulavo.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette."

I get the same message for every application that loads at startup, or every time I launch a new application. I have to click OK about 25 times every time I startup. My AVG Antivirus and Webfoot Spy sweeper tells me I have no malicious software, but given the timing of all this, I am dubious.

I'm waiting for the delivery of an external hard drive to back up my data, and go through a clean install, but I would like to avoid that step, if someone could tell me an easier way to fix this problem.

Thank you. 

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Error message in a thoroughly updated version of XP Home Edition



I just checked C:WindowsSystem32zigulavo.dll on my Home Edition, and I do not seem to have that type of file. The threat must have hidden it self well, so that your anti-spyware programs cannot seem to locate it.

I suggest that you go manually to that location in System32, try to find that file and delete it yourself.
If that is not possible, try running a full scan on your computer and removing all useless files. I also suggest a full defragment and disk clean up, sometimes it turns out good.

Even if that doesn`t work, I would suggest a full format since some viruses are better than others and cannot be deleted once they are in the system.

Hope this turns out good for you.

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