Error loading media, file could not be played.

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I am running Windows 8 Operating System and use JW Player 6 to play MP4 files but today, I got the following error message when tried to play mp4 files. It was not working and displayed the message “Error loading media: file could not be played”. I am not able to play these files on Chrome with HTML 5 mode in JV Player 6 but on all other browsers. Have any idea? How can I fix it? Any help would be appreciated.


Error loading media: File could not be played.

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Error loading media, file could not be played.



It seems there is a problem with your Chrome browser. There are two ways to solve this problem

1. Go to 'customize and control Google chrome' > 'Settings' > 'Advanced Settings' > 'Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors'

2. You can restore the settings to default by 'Settings' > 'Advanced Settings' > 'Reset browser settings'. This will reset the whole settings to the default one and you might need to configure that according to your work.

3. If any of the above does not resolve your issue, then you can uninstall the Browser and re-install it. 

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Error loading media, file could not be played.


Windows 8 OS is just a piece of crap so I would recommend you Windows 7 which better than Windows 8 and plays all the MP4 files properly. You should also update your software to use it properly and reliable. 

If you have problem doing this procedure then try to delete the source tag. It works fine doing this step otherwise I strongly recommend you to use Windows 7 OS. Any help would be provided for further issues. Thanks!

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Error loading media, file could not be played.


If you use JW Player for video playback on your website and wondering why your MP4 files are not playing, you can force the player to recognize the file using the “type” configuration option if you know your file is supported. The latest JW Player 8 supports two video formats only: WebM and MP4.

If your video uses the MP4 video container, make sure the video uses the H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec. If your MP4 file doesn’t play, check if it is using the H.264 and AAC video and audio codec. Download the file on your computer and play it using VLC media player.

When the file is loaded on VLC, click “Tools” and then “Codec Information” or press CTRL + J. In the “Codec” tab, check the video and audio streams to know if they are using the correct codec required by JW Player.

JW Player correct video and audio codec

You can use HandBrake to convert the file in case one of the required codec is incorrect. HandBrake saves the file in M4V format by default (*.m4v). You can just rename it back to MP4 once the video is converted. In HandBrake, the video is set to H.264 by default. For the audio, just set it to AAC manually.

Since you are using JW Player 6, you should update to JW Player 7. The latest is JW Player 8 but it is still in beta version that’s why you should use version 7.

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