Error ID 2510 You are not allowed to this Prezi

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I worked on my Prezis once and the next time I got the error mentioned below as I try to load a photo.

You are not allowed to add a file to this Prezi. 
Technical Details: 
id: 2510 the reason is: [object Object]
I have added images earlier but I unable to add any currently even the image is small.
I'm getting a message saying that the online meeting wasn't working when I first open the same Prezi. Now I did not get that
message but I have a doubt whether I has some connection to my other error.
Please give me a solution.
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Error ID 2510 You are not allowed to this Prezi


It seems that your Prezi application is not working well. If this is the first time it happened on your program, try restarting your computer then try it again. Maybe it’s some kind of a glitch in the process that made the program work that way and generated that error. If the same thing happened after the restart, try doing another clean installation of the program just to restore it to its default configuration and maybe fix some corrupted files that may have developed in the program in the long run. Uninstall Prezi from your machine then restart your computer when asked. After booting, check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. Install the application again after this then see if this fixes the problem.

You may also try checking your computer’s internet connection since the software needs an active internet connection to work. If you are doing a Prezi Meeting, maybe you are doing it the wrong way that’s why it happened. To make Prezi Meeting work, please visit Prezi — Prezi Meeting for the complete guide on how to properly do it.

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