Error encountered while using Adobe Acrobat forms

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Hi Experts,

I was using forms in our office when I suddenly got this warning message (see screenshot below). 

I was new to using these forms and I tried calling our tech support who unfortunately was on leave. 

I tried asking the others in the office but they haven’t encountered the warning yet. 

So, I searched the internet but couldn’t find any answers. 

I went to this forum to ask help on resolving the issue. 

Please help me.  Need to submit the forms ASAP. 

Adobe Acrobat

Employee Signature cannot be left blank.

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Error encountered while using Adobe Acrobat forms


The error may be occurring as a result of how you have setup the forms.

Maybe they you have set the employee field to decline blank fields.

The following is a procedure to help you set up the form well:

  • First you will need to Add a Text Field, and I will suggest that you label it required Signature. To make it invisible to employees, you will need to set its presence to 'Invisible' under the value to “Employee”.
  • After that, you will then Add 3 digital signature fields, which I will suggest that you label them as employee Signature, supervisor Signature, and reviewer Signature.
  • Once done that, you will then have to put the Approve/Decline option which you will select from the drop-down list into the form as opposed to putting it into Workspace User Action to avoid dependence on AWS_ACTION drop down and the Form Bridge reason being you are working with a PDF document that has digital signatures.
  • See image below.

Thompson Locker

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Error encountered while using Adobe Acrobat forms


Either you have used a wrong data to inter in the data field or you are leaving it blank. As in your error message screen it shows that Employee signature cannot be left blank.

It mean that you are using nothing as employ You need to enter a signature for employee the signature can be any type of data that you are not entering in to your form and that's why you are getting this error message in your forms.

So  you need to check all the things before you are going to other fields in the form. If you are entering a entity value in form then make sure that you have set all the values correctly in the forms.

As you cannot enter the age of  a person to 500 years because it is not logical. So check all the fields and make sure that you are using and writing valid date into your forms.

And you will be ok will your problem.

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