Error during installation ubuntu 2.5

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Ubuntu error.jpg [/attachment] hi guys, I have downloaded Ubuntu 2.5 and I want to install it from windows 7

When I start Wubi it begins installing and in the end it show me an error message: Could not retrieve the required installation files, and it gives me a name of a file (debug) to open "Wubi-9.10ubuntu1-rev160" in the temp folder, I put a picture explaining more the error message:
Any help would be appreciated.
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Error during installation ubuntu 2.5


Actually George this error shows a message of the retrieving file it means that there is a serious problem with any of your files of Ubuntu and that create a hindrance in opening of your this file. So the solution for you is that do install a new file of this software with a key registration and download it now from a well known and a reliable source because some of the time many sited are full of viruses so whenever you download it then that virus also comes into your computer. So also scan all files for viruses as well and then try to run this program it will surely work.


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Error during installation ubuntu 2.5



That is a major problem that is faced by most of the Wubi users. 

This explanation assumes that you have downloaded Ubuntu and Wubi first and then you want to install Ubuntu using Wubi:


The error says that it couldn't retrieve the required installation files. That means it was not able to access the main Ubuntu ISO file that you downloaded or by any means, was on your computer.


The only best and perfect solution for this is to place the main Ubuntu ISO file in the drive or folder in which you want to install Ubuntu. So, ultimately the Ubuntu ISO file and the Wubi application will be in the same drive (or) folder. So, now Wubi will be able to access the main Ubuntu ISO file and you will not have any problems.

I would suggest to partition the main drive and start another one [D:] and then put all the Ubuntu installation files including Wubi in that drive and then start installing.


  • I downloaded Ubuntu ISO file and it is in the downloads folder in C drive. I have Wubi in D: drive.
  • Now change the location of the Ubuntu ISO file to D:. Cut and paste. So, the files now present in D drive:
  • Ubuntu.iso
  • wubi.exe



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