Error Code0xC004C032. Windows activation failed.

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The activation server reported

Hello there,

Recently I bought Widows 8 Enterprise and I can’t activate it. I have this message when I want to activate it. I tried to activate my Windows from Action Center and online on Microsoft website. Can anyone help me please to activate my Windows ? What could be the problem ?

Thank you !

Windows Activation

Windows isn’t activated

Error Code:0xC004C032

The activation server reported that new time based activation not available.

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Error Code0xC004C032. Windows activation failed.


This is actually not a problem on your side but on the server side and your copy of Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise as well as its installation doesn’t have a problem. There are many users who purchased Microsoft Windows 8 and encountered the same activation error. Error 0xC004C032 means the activation server refused further time for the trial.

The activation has to be done in between the days of the trial period after installing Microsoft Windows 8. It also means that you need to make sure the date and time on your computer are set correctly and you are using the correct time zone. After installing Windows 8, you don’t have to activate it immediately because the trial days have barely started.

This error appeared maybe because you activated the operating system immediately after installing it. Windows 8 will not display errors or will malfunction if you don’t activate it immediately. You can wait a few days after the installation and then activate the operating system. It should be activated without a problem. As long as the trial days are not over, you can still activate it.

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