Error Code 0x80004005 When Upgrading Zune

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I have been attempting to upgrade my Zune software to edition 4.7 and hold so far been unable to.  I tried to completely separate the Zune software and using cleaner registry jack, but I console got the selfsame happening write: 0x80004005.  I tried following the command that the occurrence codification gave me and doing an unspotted resuscitate with selective services, and erasing the worker folder, and that only   the fact that when it says  "preparing your computer for installation" it actually counted up to 100% slower instead of meet actuation to the artifact endeavor, and then the commencement motion went up steadily to virtually 15% and then similar in the bypassed jumped to 91% before giving a wrongness substance.  I personally made sure I download the decorous version of the software from for Windows 7 32 bits, and I mortal scan umpteen forums regarding problems similar this so any new advice would be greatly satisfying.

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Error Code 0x80004005 When Upgrading Zune


Hello caspian,

Try the following:

  • First, you will need to download the full package of zune here:
  • After that you should extract the package.
  • After that is will show X86/X64 on the desktop or it may depend where you extracted the file to.
  • You will then choose the system type that you have, and then open the folder, then inside the X86/X64 file, you will see the "packages".
  • After that you will open the packages, and then it will show you a lot of windows installer – check out for the last installer (zune-X86) or (zune-X64) depending on your system type.
  • You will then wait for it to be completed.



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