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Good day! NetZero is not starting because of an error that saying that it is already running but I am sure that it is not.

The message was (image also attached below):

Problem Starting NetZero

The NetZero software is already running.

You must close the software before restarting it.

Error Code : 02

Any solution to this would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Actually, Error 02 indicates that your netzero is already running. Your netzero app is set to start automatically when you start the system so it is always running and when you want to run it again it shows you the error code. To fix it select the option to start NetZero when I startup my computer from the Options in the system tray or the Companion's Options menu. Click on the net zero icon in the system tray to turn it off and select option “Launch NetZero when I startup my computer” to remove the check. The problem is solved. Hope your problem gets fixed soon. Best of luck!