Error 80244019 “Cant update my Windows Vista?”

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I could not run Windows Update on my Windows Vista. Every time I try to update, it would only fail with and Error 80244019. I think it has something to do with reaching the update server, however this doesn’t explain the problem.

I’ve tried my friend computer which also installed with a Windows Vista and update it take a couple of minutes but the update doesn’t fail. I check if I can connect to the net and thinking that it has something to do with my Internet connection but everything was fine.

I’ve also tried my own tricks like resetting the modem, restarting the computer but find no solution for my problem. I think I misconfigured something from my past usage of my computer that causes this problem.

How can I figured out this problem and find a solution for this?

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Error 80244019 “Cant update my Windows Vista?”


Hi Alvis,

Most likely from what I search from the Internet it’s due to your system infected by Trojan but let’s try to do not simply judge. We will start from the simple troubleshooting. You are already done to reset the modem and restart the computer but still your machine unable to perform windows updates.

These are list of troubleshooting that you try:

  1. If you are trying to run windows update in Vista, always there will be a possibility that your machine having issues connecting to windows update server. Check if you have the same issue when you try to update others Vista services.
  2. Also you may check proxy server used in your Internet Explorer, try to disable the proxy and check if that helps. This may not work in some corporate environments but I think you are going to use for home purpose. If you use for office purpose then please check with your network administrator in this case.
  3. Let say everything ran perfectly, then you may try to play with windows registry.

    • Click Start >Run>Type regedit and press enter.
    • Try to the find following Registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SOFTWARE – Policies – Microsoft – Windows – Windows Update – AU)
    • Once you got inside go to the right-pane, change the value of the key from: UseWUServer=dword:00000001 to: UseWUServer=dword:00000000.
    • Close registry editor
    • Reboot your machine
  4. For some machine option number three not working. If it’s so, then try this method. What you need to do is stop or disables the winHTTP Web Proxy Auto Discovery Service. What is WinHTTP? It implements the client HTTP stack and provides developers with a Win32 API and COM automation component for sending HTTP requests and receiving responses. It also provides support for auto-discovering a proxy configuration via its implementation of the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) protocol. This is the step how to stop WinHTTP: Click Start and search for services.msc then press enter. At the right panel, scroll down to the winHTTP Web Proxy Auto Discovery Service. Right click on it and select stop. Restart your machine and try to update windows.
  5. For some reason all above method of troubleshooting will not be able to solve this issue. It’s due to Trojan infected your system. You need to download and run a tool called combofix.exe. Just try to find from Internet and step by step instructions on how to use this tool. Once the scan completes it will provide you with a log file and you need to make sure that all infections should removed. ComboFix is a program that has ability to scan your computer for Malware and attempt to clean these infections automatically.
  6. If you like to try different freeware for Malware remover, maybe you need to download and install tool from here. What you need to do once download is install and click simple scan. Immediately after your machined rebooting, click on windows update from the control panel and upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. This is the most effective and easiest way to remove 80244019 Windows Vista while you try to update it which triggered by Trojan.

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Error 80244019 “Cant update my Windows Vista?”


Try running the System Update Readiness Tool. It will let you fix Window Update errors. Simply install and then run it on your computer. This will scan your computer for any conflicts and fixes it.

Also, you can configure automatic updates on your Windows through Group Policy. Check on the link below for more information:


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