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I am having issues running MS-Office 2003 so I tried to uninstall it. But when I am about to re-install it again, I am getting:

Error 2908. An internal error has occurred. ({53EB5CFB-3DAF-4890-ABCD-4895D28EAAAF}) Contact your Information Technology department of assistance.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

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Hello Justineb. I want to provide you solution that may solve your problem. At first you should close up all application of the computer. Then restart the PC. On the other hand you should verify that the product you want to use is valid. If the product is not valid then purchase a valid product. Next double click the restart button. I think this time your operation will work. If not work then there may be a critical error such as viruses in your PC. Thank you.

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Is that problem happening when you try to install the MS Office on all computers or just one computer? Since the problem may be caused by the computer that you are try to install the Ms office on, for it may be having another MS Office program already installed and therefore clashing with the one you are trying to install right now.

You will also need to check the CD that you are using to install, in case it is corrupt or has any dirt accumulated on it you will need to wipe it clean. The DVD drive for the computer you are installing MS Office on should be cleaned too.

Another thing that will be the possible cause of the problem is the restrictions for that application. It may have been meant to be used only once or on one computer only, and therefore you cannot use it again.

-Clair Charles