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Author: Adolfo brown
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I purchased Rosetta Stone and used it for almost a week now.

But as I started it today, it started slowing up with an error “Fatal Application. Error 1141”.

Any help will do.


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Follow these steps:

 Your computer has not been restarted for an outspread length of period.

The Time and the Date wrong on your system.

Rosetta Suffragist TOTALeis being blocked by Your Antivirus or Firewall applications.

In Windows XP do this:

On Taskbar double click the Time.

Check if Date and Time is incorrect.

Time Zonemust be correct.

Ensure Rosetta Stone TOTALe/Stone Daemonis excluded from auto-protection and acquires heavy way through firewalls.

If there is no Security application, contact the provider to add followings:

C:\Program Files (x86 if on a 64bit machine)\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone TOTALe

C:\Program Files (x86 if on a 64bit machine)\RosettaStoneLTDServices

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Hello Adolfo,

If you have been putting your system in the sleep or hibernate mode, you will need to shut it down and the wait for a few seconds, and then you will restart it. It seems like Rosetta Stone requires a clock reset and that will happen if you turn the computer off completely and then restart it.

Another workaround to that issue is the following:

  • On your computer click START. 
  • And then go to "Search" and then, and then press ENTER.
  • After that go under Services (Local) and then find "Rosetta Stone Daemon"
  • It will be marked "Automatic" and "Started"
  • If it is not, you will need to right click "Rosetta Stone Daemon" and then choose PROPERTIES. 
  • After that you will need to  "Automatic." and then close the "Services" window.
  • Start Rosetta Stone after that.