Encountered error while starting MCC Pilotlog software

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I downloaded the MCC Pilot log software and installed it. 

The installation was successful but when I tried to launch it, I got a runtime error message with code 429. I tried reinstalling, but I got the same error message. I searched the internet and found out that I shouldn’t have reinstalled it.

Anyway, I tried click to run the MCC Tools Fix Installer ActiveX but my antivirus software won’t let me download it. 

Can anyone from the forum help me resolve the problem?

See the error message below:

MCC Pilotlog

Run-time error ‘429’:

ActiveX component can’t create object

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Encountered error while starting MCC Pilotlog software



This error is relating to the registry, when a software is either installed on uninstalled or Updated .

In your case, the issue is the installation of the software and running it for the first time. You have not mentioned the version of windows you are using, and the Antivirus software.

Basically you have to download the tool,  MCC Tool Fix, from : http://www.mccpilotlog.net/setup/mcctoolsfix_installeractivex.exe  to resolve this issue.

Most of the times, the blocking is NOT done by the Antivirus, rather it is due to the web browser permissions, try downloading it as administrator.

You can also try downloading it by temporarily disabling your Antivirus.

That is the only way to tackle this issue


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Encountered error while starting MCC Pilotlog software




First thing you do is you just simply try to check your machine if there an files or data that maybe corrupted just check on it and then try to check the software if there an infected files from viruses and then try to download again the software make sure that you download perfectly so that you avoid anything problem or error from the software just simply check on that and then try to uninstall the old software from the PC and then after that just simply reinstall the software from your PC then simply restart your PC if it’s possible and then try to download the error repair tools just type that in the site then after downloading the software just simply start scanning the system then simply repair the found errors to your system just try it if it’s work. 


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