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Hello everybody,

p/n XX058AV, My notebook. Hard disk was encrypted by HP Protect Tools (Drive Encryption, powered by McAfee). Few days ago my notebook stopped while booting with the message in a black screen given here.

"mcafee endpoint encryption Fatal Error 0xEE020006 Getting Disk info"

What can I do to boot or to decrypt Hard Disk? I backed up the encrypting keys.

McAfee gives disk decryption by boot CD (McAfee EETech), but it needs "Code of day" and I haven't got such a code. McAfee told me this code is given by HP.

Please give me your help to solve this error.

Thank you.

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Hi Joanna,

The error code EE020006 means the endpoint encryption disk information is not present.

If you have any other questions regarding this issue please go to the McAfee Service Portal (

Please contact McAfee support for the resolution regarding this issue. 

Check this link below it will help you allot.

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Hi Joanna,

Hp tools are quite different to the McAfee one. If you are willing to work with Hp then, you are going to face some trouble due to the reason mentioned previously.

But you can try from here:

But if you are using v6 based version of Hp’s product, then you need to strong your mind, this will not help.

Best of luck.