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The Sandboxie 3.70 is effective software that has the experimental feature of running other software in an enclosed zone outside the system. So, I’d like to know if it is possible to connect the experimental software into the main system.

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Sandboxie 3.7 is an effective software which makes the applications or softwares or browsers to run in a separate space isolated from the actual whole main system. Thus it prevents the applications or programs from accessing the data and other programs running on the main system. The applications cannot directly intrude and cannot utilize further space of the main system directly and hence do not have direct access to the hardware and disk storage of the main system.

Sandboxie 3.7

Sandboxie integrates with the OS and hence if the applications really need to use the extra space, they need to request the OS to do it for them. Thus Sandboxie serves as a sandbox where the applications are restricted to install and run only within the sandbox. For example, the browsing history, cookies, malicious software downloaded through sand box are captured only within the sandbox and cannot attack the main system. This is the reason that the Sandboxie serves as an effective software providing enhanced security and privacy.

- Charle Faru