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I have XML file that I want to edit and change some data. I opened the file as Excel and change some data, but when I save it, it will prompt the save as window as Excel. But my concern is I want to save it back as XML. And when I select XML in the save as type there is an error prompt up.

Microsoft Office Excel
Cannot save or export XML data. The XML maps in this workbook are not exportable.

I have attached the printed screen error.

How can I edit XML file and save it back as XML file?

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Hello AL,

The first thing is that you can do it by using some external software or but some advance Microsoft Office. You can use Swift XML Converter to convert the file into the format of Excel. If that is not happening then you have to check which operating system you are using.

Try to update the previous or the best thing is that uninstall it and download the new and latest version from a good source and make sure that your system supports the latest version. Other thing is that there might be some file corrupt or some virus is there which is resisting the running of your program. So try to scan your computer and repair the Windows and other files.
Do this in normal mode or the best thing is to do it from safe mode.
Secondly there might be a problem with file type or file format. May be the file which you are trying to open is in another version of Office and you are opening it in another version. Like Excel 2003 has the file type xls and Excel 2010 has the file type xlsx. So also check that.

The other thing is that you must check you’re RAM. There might be a bad sector in RAM or a bad memory leak of RAM. So try to troubleshoot it properly or examine it by yourself. And then restart  your system and try again. Otherwise uninstall the MS Office and reinstall it. It will solve the problem.
  • You can also try this manual method to solve the problem.

To see the method.

Have a good day.


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