Eclipse evolution 2.7 Program Error

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I have recently started using eclipse evolution 2.7, the 2D game engine but when I was scripting a program using VB 6 and I tried to run it on the server, I got an error on the following line:

MyScript.ExecuteStatement "ScriptsMain.txt", "TimedEvent " & Hours & "," & Minutes & "," & Seconds

I get the following error message followed by this statement:

Run-time error '91':

Microsoft Visual Basic

Run-time error '91':

Object variable or With block variable not set

Continue   End   Debug   Help

I also tried to run it as .exe file but unfortunately I was met with the same error. Your suggestions are required in this regard as now I am at my wits end.

Looking forward to your response



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Eclipse evolution 2.7 Program Error

It is possible that you are trying to create an instance of a class (an object) of a class that is present on the machines you tested it, but not on the machine is used to. For example, I happen to know that I can get a VB program using a class for Nero Burning Rom. I can nero object, and using the methods and properties but that only works on machines that Nero libraries installed. If it is not installed, when you try to move the object (either through sooner or later bonds with new or CreateObject) to make, is the variable which should point to the object still set to Nothing, because the library is not a authority of the requested class created.
Basically you try to create an object of a class that does not exist on the NT box.

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