DVD Rom isn’t reading but the green light is on

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Hi there,

My DVD+R  Drive was functioning well, reading and writing DVDS then all of a sudden, it blinks, the DVD spins at different speeds (I can tell this from the sounds from the Drive) the Icon is okay on explorer panel but nothing happens, How do I solve this, I have tried  several drives on the same motherboard getting the same results!

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DVD Rom isn’t reading but the green light is on


Hi !

The problem is that the lens of your DVD needs to be clean. You can buy a DVD-Rom cleaner. If this is not working you may have to check your cables IDE or SATA that makes the connection between your DVD and Motherboard and change them if is necessary.


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DVD Rom isn’t reading but the green light is on


It happens to me a lot when I burn DVDs before. You will notice the drive is working at its full speed and then suddenly slows down and then go full speed again. This happens because the drive is having a hard time reading the disc you are burning. Before data gets burned to the DVD disc, the optical drive has to properly read the disc first.

If you notice the drive works at different speeds, it is because it is trying hard to read the disc at different speeds. Now, when the error hits and it cannot burn your file, it means it cannot read the disc. Try using a different DVD disc and try burning again. See if this works. If this doesn’t work, one possible cause is a dirty lens.

Use a lens cleaner to clean the lens of your optical drive. You can use the lens cleaner of your DVD player to clean your DVD writer’s lens. If this doesn’t work, check the connecting cables inside your CPU. Shut down your computer then open the CPU case. Disconnect both the ribbon cable and the power supply cable from the DVD writer.

After this, connect the ribbon cable back and for the power supply, use the other power supply cable different from the previous one. Start your computer and try burning again. See if it works.

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