Optical Disk Drive Letter not detected on My Computer

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Hi all,

I was out of city on my business trip, for over more than a month.  I just came back yesterday and I tried to insert a DVD onto my computer's Optical Disk Drive. They looked so weird.  Since I was not able to find the Drive letter on My Computer Window, I searched for it in the explorer bar.

It was not there, then I consulted one of my friend where he was too not aware of the problem. So really  looking out for someone to guide me, to solve the problem.   Would like to add a note that my kid was using the laptop in the mean time I was out, so you may let me know the solution in both Hardware and software angle.

Would be very much thankful to hear from you.

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Optical Disk Drive Letter not detected on My Computer


Don’t worry Mr.Fedric, this is a simple problem that can be solved by some alteration on the Drive settings. If that doesn’t work then we can think about checking the Hardware part.

Let me help you out, to check whether the drive is detected or not.

  • Go to Device Manager by Right Clicking on My Computer and Select Manage.
  • Now you may see a window that may say Computer Management.
  • On the Left hand side of that, you may see a list of options, .out of those click on Device manager.
  • Now you may see the entire Device connected to your computer displayed on the same window. Check out for CDDVD Drives option, if available there. Then the problem may be because of the Drive letter settings, to that Drive may not be assigned or mistakenly changed.
  • Or because of some Virus that has started corrupting your system files, on an initial stage.
  • Or even because your drive may be disabled.

To check whether the drive is disabled, on the same page click on CDDVD and below that, you may see the CDDVD drive option. Just right click on it and Select properties. You will notice a small window appearing. 

On that window click on Driver Tab. Now check whether the drive is disabled or enabled. If Enabled then try to update driver since some driver issue may cause this too.

Finally if even that, doesn’t work, we need to check for proper drive letter and assign it if not available.

To do that, go to Start and Click on Control Panel – Click on Administrator Tools  then click on Computer Management then Click on Storage and finally on Disk  Management.  Right click on  CDDVD drive and then select the option change drive letter and path. So, now you will be able to assign a drive letter that you want.  Once it is done, just check out for drive at My computer, after restarting the computer.

That’s it. Bye

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Optical Disk Drive Letter not detected on My Computer


As I understand, you are unable to find ODD Drive in Windows OS.

  • Try these steps and check if  the issue is resolved :
  • Go to start >> right click on My Computer >> click on manage >> click on storage >> click on Management >> right click on your ODD device and select add letters and path >> windows will pop up the click on add >> select an alphabet >> click on OK.  Go to step 2 if issue is unresolved.
  • Try to perform system restore outside of Windows OS and from Advance Boot Options >> Repair your Computer and go back to a previous restore point, when your system was working fine, including ODD driver.
  • If issue is unresolved then; check in device manager for the Optical Drive Drivers, if they are signed or unsigned driver.  This you can verify by right clicking ODD Firmware and click on properties, then checking details in Drivers tab.  Installed signed drivers as unsigned drivers may not get recognized by your Windows OS.
  • Check which are the burning software, you have installed and close any of the Burning software, if they are running. Few examples of burning software – Roxio, Power DVD, WinDVD, Windows Media Player, Nero etc.
  • Try to reseat the ODD Drive. You may have to arrange for a screw driver, to open up the bottom cover and to reseat the ODD cable that may have gone, lost or otherwise the ODD itself may not be seated properly.  You may use the User Manual or get Online User Guide depending upon your computer manufacturer.
  • Verify the BIOS version either in System Setup or otherwise checking in msinfo32.  Updating BIOS may lose the ODD driver. Hence updating BIOS may also help resolve the issue. You may get an updated BIOS version from manufacturer’s support website by visiting Drivers and Downloads.
  • Make sure you are following proper steps to flush BIOS. Please plug in Ac Adaptor and Battery charge percent has to be more than 10% prior to flushing BIOS.
  • Check if ODD is getting detected in BIOS. If not, then load default BIOS by pressing F9 on your keyboard and save changes by pressing F10.
  • In some scenarios the ODD firmware may become corrupt. Check in Device Manager for ODD. Determine the type of ODD drive and update ODD firmware on the system accordingly.

Hope this helps.

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Optical Disk Drive Letter not detected on My Computer


Thank you for your solution.

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