Downloading large files in parts

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From time to time I download large files with a very slow connection. Sometimes the downloads fail after reaching a specific percentage. So can I download in parts? Or what do other people do in situations like mine?

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Downloading large files in parts


My 'proper' solution would be to find and fix what causes the problem, but these things might work as work around:

1. Use split ( man split–split a file into pieces). It seems to be installed on most Unix systems.

2. Split the file via dd (dd if =input filename of=file_part0skip-0 bs=500MB).( repeat with skip =1 and a different file name).

3. Use a program which can resume downloading. FTP wold work (but eww. Plain text passwords, separate control and data connection which do not play nice with most firewalls).

4. Cheat and move the file to a web directory Most browsers supports resuming a download.


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