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Do you think is it nice to add chat widget to so we can ask live question and can communicate with other techyv user?

In that way, we can get the answers to our question more conveniently and it can make techyv website looks better.

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I think it would be nice too. Aside from the fact that we can conveniently ask other techyv users of questions and communicate faster so as to solve our techy problems, I think it is a good way too to meet new friends.

I've seen other forums have this app and make bigger group of friends where they can freely share ideas and ask questions. Sometimes when you think answers here are unreliable just because they come from a stranger, then you can add a friend that you think can suitably and appropriately answer your questions.

Besides, this website's purpose is to meet all people with common interests.

So I think that is a great suggestion! :)