Do you know about Sprout?

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Do you know about the creative desktops? Nowadays, sprout is a new technology but few people know about the sprout, so the question can arise in our mind “What is sprout”? Can images be scanned and manipulated on sprout? Can the scanning and manipulation be useful for creating objects that could be 3D-printed? Is Sprout considered an expensive experimental desktop?

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Do you know about Sprout?


Sprout is a fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution with 3D object capture, editing, and numerous streamlined 3D print options. It is an AiO or All-in-One computer that can be the center of your 3D creative imagination. Everyone can capture something from the real world, manipulate it in the digital world, and then bring it to life in physical space.

It works by grabbing first anything from the real world or any object and placing it on the touch mat then press or tap the scan button. Sprout activates the Intel Realsense 3D camera, extra cameras and sensors in the Illuminator, and touch mat to capture a 3D color image of the object. Follow the easy guided instructions to rotate and capture the object from numerous angles.

Watch Sprout combine the images to create a beautiful, completely editable 3D model. Another way of doing the 3D scanning is by using the 3D Capture Stage. It makes the 3D scanning with Sprout easier than the touch mat. When you place an object in the 3D Capture Stage, it automates a full 360-degree scan, rotating and capturing the object in the accurate position.

Once the object is grabbed, you can mash it. Re-imagine the object in the digital world by adding your own design and resizing. You can use Autodesk Meshmixer, Microsoft 3D Builder, and others to edit your scan. Once the object has been edited, you are now ready to print it using Dremel 3D Idea Builder.

You can have the entire 3D Makers’ Bundle which includes the HP Sprout with Intel Core i7 processor and Dremel 3D Idea Builder for $2,598.99. The HP 3D Capture Stage is sold separately for $299.99.

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