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Hello to all member of,

I am a new user of this site. It is very help full site. Always it's help us by problem solving. Now I want to say my personal problem. Please anybody help me. Online earning is my profession. For this reason I have to use many messenger like Skype, yahoo messenger, Gtalk messenger, Facebook chat, meebo etc. But recently I have bought a notebook (second hand). That's all are ok. But when I want to use Skype, I can't hear anything, why this problem or how can I remove this problem, please help me anybody.

N. B: I install Skype latest version & Notebook of HP.

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Hi Hiltonsalam,

Seems more and more users are leaning towards instant messengers that can do a host of other things aside from simple text based chats. Now it’s calls using audio and video protocols. To not have sound and video is considered an inconvenience. I’ll try my best to help you sort out your sound problem on Skype.


  • To properly identify the source of your problem, we need to make a few checks here and there. For this initial check, please close Skype for a moment while we do diagnostics on your particular notebook.
  • Do you currently have sound on your notebook? Is the Volume icon present on the lower right hand corner of the taskbar? If the icon is present, let’s test the sound. Go to your Sound Schemes via “Control Panel > Sound”, choose any windows sound event and click on the “Play” icon. Hear the sound? If no, it’s time to check your “Device Manager” to check if the drivers are installed or maybe malfunctioning. Update the sound device drivers to latest version if possible. Another possible problem could arise if the wrong sound device is not selected. Make sure the “Playback Device” points to your sound device.
  • Once you have properly established the presence of sound and verified it to be working thru the control panel or playing back of any multimedia format with sound, it’s time to run Skype. Click on the “Tools” tab, then “Options”, and go straight to “Audio Settings”. Verify the presence of the “Speakers” icon and make sure it is not greyed out. Click on the green playback icon right next to the “Speakers (Your sound Device)” to test if you can properly hear the sound.
  • You can also go straight to your “Audio settings” via the “Call” tab on your main Skype window. That will bring you straight to the settings you need to verify and fix. On the same “Call” tab is an option named “Learn about Call Quality”. Click on that choice to open a “Help wizard” that guides you on the current problems you are experiencing. A variety of solutions are presented to you with clickable links to various settings on Skype to make troubleshooting much easier.
  • The guides might come in handy for XP and Vista just in case we overlooked some things.
  • In worst-case scenarios like when you have concluded that your sound card on your netbook is the one responsible, don’t worry as you can always purchase a USB headset like Plantronics which contain the sound device. All you have to do is plug it in the USB port on your notebook, run Skype, and configure your default sound device to use the USB headset. Now you will have sound.
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Hi Hiltonsalam,

Your can't hear any voice, may be check your setting on your Skype. First close your Skype application. Also in the taskbar. Then open again to refresh the Skype application, then log in to your account, Click the tools on the menu bar then click options. Try to configure or test your setting, click audio setting then click play on the speakers to test the audio of your computer.
Also check the MIC for good call conversation. If you can't hear anything, try to check your setting to your volume control. Check after checking and its not working check your drivers. If your sound card has correctly working. Hope it can help.

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