Do I use new kernels or stick to the old one?

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Which kernel should I use? With the recent release of the 3.13 version of the kernel, I have been thinking should I install the new one or stay with the old one that is sometimes not stable. Most of my friends have installed the new version of the kernel and some of them has seen improvement in their AMD hybrid graphic, while some complain of system crashes. Please help!

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Do I use new kernels or stick to the old one?


There is good improvement in kernel 3.13. Improvement areas are listed below.
1. There is open source driver support for Intel Broadwelland AMD Radeon R9 290 graphics.
2. The Multi-queue block layer had made disk access much faster.
3. HDMI Audio has improved. Stereo/3D HDMI support has found.
4. File system got improved.
5. Power Consumption has been reduced.
6. Improved performance in NUMA (Non-Uniform memory access) systems.

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