Dirt 3 : Damaged Content …

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Hello Gamers,

When try to play Dirt 3: Monte Carlo track pack, following error appears

The following downloadable content is damaged.

Please download it again 

I don't understand how the track was damaged and how to restore it.

Should I follow the download instruction or does there any third way to repair the track?


Error: Damaged Content

The following downloadable content is damaged and cannot be used:

Monte Carlo Track Pack

Please download it again from the LIVE Marketplace.



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Dirt 3 : Damaged Content …


This problem really happens to installers.

Especially if the installer is very in-demand, it will spread in almost all websites that you can find. The setup file will be passed on from one website to another by different individuals and including website owners. This is where the damage to the file comes in.

Sometimes due to the volume of the files they download from different websites, they don’t 100% monitor the progress or the status of the download contents.

Sometimes in the middle of the process of copying a slight error may occur from the source, this would mean a great impact on the destination file which leads to a faulty setup or installer file.

Since the setup wizard suggested that you download it again, follow the suggestion.

Download Monte Carlo Track Pack from the official website to avoid acquiring a broken installer file.

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Dirt 3 : Damaged Content …



The problem or error that pop-up to your screen is there a damaged the installer or downloaded from the GAMES Dirt 3 toy your PC or there is a corrupted file from the application.

The solution to your problem is to simply download Dirt 3 from a trusted website and then download the other version of the Monte Carlo Track Pack in the Live Marketplace.

After you downloaded the application you just simply uninstall the application and the attempt to reinstall it again to your machine, and then restart your machine after you install the application, then try to play or run the game.


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