Digital camera won’t open; “virtual memory low”

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I happen to be an owner of a creative digital camera. I lost the connectors for the camera for quite a long time. On finding the lost connectors in my office, I decided to install the camera on my office computer. After the installation, I tried opening it with no success. Instead there pops up an error message indicating that the virtual memory is low. I am wondering whether the problem could have resulted from the long time the connectors were lost and camera remained idle. Any person with an idea what the problem is and/or the solution is kindly requested to help.

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Digital camera won’t open; “virtual memory low”


Hi Pacey,

Can you advise on where you are getting the error message? Is it on the camera or on the computer? Are you able to open the camera when not connected to the PC?

If you are getting the Virtual memory is low on the PC, you may need to adjust the paging file on your computer. To increase the paging file, you need to go to Start > Right click My Computer > Properties > System Properties > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Performance Options > Advanced > Virtual Memory > Change > Change the initial value and maximum size value to a higher value than what you have > Set > Ok > Click ok all the way out.


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