Difficulty in installing Hyper-V Integration Services

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Hi Experts,

I am experiencing difficulty in installing Hyper-V Integration Services on a newly installed Windows Vista SP2 VM. 

Please see below the error message I got during the installation. 

I hope someone can help me and provide a step by step procedure on what to do to resolve this problem. 


              An error has occurred: One of the update processes returned error code


Thanks in advance.

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Difficulty in installing Hyper-V Integration Services


The Hyper-V host keyboard is helpful for you. But RDP needs the keyboard to get shut down. Windows button of the keyboard will not work and getting start menu you need to go through the following:

From VM window press Ctrl+Alt+Del at a time.

Go to the Task Manager by using up and down arrow and select it.

You will get Create New Task option and insert Alt+N.

Now insert:

shutdown -s -t 0

You will get your VM shut down.

If you need to get shut down all the VMs you can follow the same step.

Installing SP2 will take 20-30 minutes.

Now you will get your Hyper-V Integration Services installed fruitfully. Successfully install the Hyper-V Integration Services.

I hope you understand it.

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