Difficulty in Importing My Map Files

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I am finding it difficult to import my map files. Once I have made a map on my computer using a CSV file and save it I can reload the .map easily. 

But when I give the same file to a different user I get the following message:
Error Line 5489 Invalid property index Screenshot:

I need a quick fix to this because my client is considering in purchasing the software and if I don't solve this they may move onto something else. Any idea on how to solve this?


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Difficulty in Importing My Map Files


At first, I thought the error occurred in line number 5489 where the error “Invalid property array index” was reported. But upon looking at the map on the image you posted, the table’s rows looks a lot lesser than 500. I think the error 381 you received was because of the fields in the map that were marked in red.

I think those fields that were marked in red should contain a value and can not be left without inserting any value in it. Go back again to the map you created and then do a re-check on the required fields that were marked in red. Insert the appropriate value or values on those fields and then try saving it again.

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