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Are there different types of cloud storage? What are examples of cloud storage available in the market? Do they come for free?


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Cloud storage has gained a huge popularity over the recent years. It is considered as the future of online file storage. There are three main types of cloud storage:

1. Public storage.

2. Private storage.

3. Hybrid storage.

There are a several examples of cloud storage providers available in the market and their numbers are increasing. The most popular online companies are providing cloud storage facilities. Like Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, Yahoo mail and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Great this time Google has declared to provide 5 GB free storage for Windows, Mac, Android and ISO platform. There are some cloud storage services are offered for free cloud storage. But you should be careful before sharing your data with them.

Google has declared to provide 5 GB free storage for Windows, Mac, Android and ISO platform