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Now a days we have so many high technology gadgets around us.. cant we live without gadget? 

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The answer is definitely NO. We are now so dependent of our technology, with our every day’s task that we really can’t live without them. We need our internet to stay connected with friends who are away, in others countries maybe, and for searching for information worldwide. Then we are really dependent on our mobile phones and right now on smartphones, that we need to talk every day, maybe for hours with our boss, friends, family. Then we have our smart TV with internet, high definition, and lots and lots of TV stations. We have appliances in our homes then we can love without, so the answer in definitely no.

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I’m not sure if all people will have the same opinion on this since not all have experienced a life without having any gadgets around. For those people who stayed most of their lives in the city, I’m sure they would answer “no”. They can’t stand a day without using any form of technology. But for the people who lives in the province like what I have experienced when my mother took us for vacation in their hometown, the answer would definitely be “yes.”

Life there is very simple and to think that it was still the 1980s that time, not so modern technologies are available. I’m not sure if you will appreciate a day in your life without electricity, you rely mainly on gas lamps at night to light the house. But for me, it is one of the great things that happened in my life. A life without technology brings peacefulness in a man’s life although boring but can expect a longer life. A life with all the technologies around generally shortens a man’s life even if there are modern health facilities. The negative effect of technology is a lot greater than its positive effect but it obviously makes a person’s life easier.

Sharath Reddy