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Hi there,

May I ask the difference between Google Chrome and Google Chrome OS?

I intend to try Google Chrome OS, but size of the downloaded files are very large almost as same as that of Adobe Dreamweaver.

Anyone could help to explain the differences and the details?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, As I understood you query, you should be  determined the differences between the Google chrome Operating System and the Google chrome Web Browser before utilize and becoming the dependent on it.

Let’s come to the point, the Google chrome Operating System is the collection of system software to manage the hardware input and output devices such as a keyboard, monitor, mouse and the printer and extra.

like Window, MAC, Linux. But the Google chrome Web Browser is the is the web browser which used to browse the information on the international network such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox 

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Hi Davis21,

Google Chrome is a browser - other examples: Internet Explorer, Firefox.

Google Chrome OS is an Operating System (OS): other examples: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Ubuntu, Fedora

Hope you understand the big difference because you can't compare such products.

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I intended to compose you one little word to finally say thanks a lot over again with your remarkable things you have contributed in this case.

Thanks Scot1984  and Jordan_Johnson.