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Author: Shafraah
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What is the difference between Word Processing Software (Writer) and Microsoft Office Word Processing Software (Word)? I often use word processing software for educational purposes.

I do not have much experience in MS Word and need to know whether there is any additional facility in MS Word that are not available in Writer.

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They have lots of differences in different aspects but they share the same characteristics in terms of operability as word processor. All word processing files can be open on both offices as long as they both match the same formatting style with regards to each other.

I am using Microsoft Word and I find it easy to use and easy to understand when it comes to the basic functions and operations of the software and as well as Writer.

I have tried switching between the two word processor and I don't find it difficult to adjust to its functions and usability. I guess for you it would be easier for you to shift to Microsoft Word since you already have a background on using a word processing software like the Writer and I assure you it would be very easy for you since Word is very user friendly and even perfect for beginners.

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Aside from the facts that the applications are free while Microsoft Office needs to pay for the license, I found no other differences between the two. Although they have different interface, both of them uses the same functionality.

A Microsoft Word user commonly hates applications while most of the users hate Microsoft Word. This is because both sides haven’t tried to use the office applications. It is true that Microsoft Office have a lot of features while we have just a few options in applications support Microsoft Office files. You can try it for yourself.

# Comment Id: 25214 Writer and Microsoft Word are essential programs necessary in processing documents. However, the two programs have its individual differences. Among the most easily seen aspect which can be easily differentiated include:

  • The styling of texts
  • Positioning of header and footer
  • Usage of tables and templates as well as in the document interface.

For users who are familiar with the MS Word environment, they may be confused when they use the Writer for the first time because of the difference in the arrangement of there toolbars and some sub menus might be of different name compared to the ones in MS Word.

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There are so many differences between MS Word and Writer. Writer has a vast and unique knowledge that can able to interpret MS Word documents. Writer can able to save document in Microsoft Word. You will be find many features in Writer has some options which will help to restore documents.

You should have to learn MS Word. But MS Word has the many options also that can give you flexibility to make several documents and save. MS Word has a special magnificent collaboration with Copy and Paste. Copy and Paste system are totally absent in Writer.

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Hello Shafraah!

Despite them having similar functions, there are distinct differences between the two programs. Word Processing Software (Writer) has everything you would expect from a modern fully equipped word processor. It is simple for quick memory and powerful to create complete books with contents, diagrams and indexes. This software is an example of open-source applications and that means it cost nothing that is downloaded for free. Open Office uses open standards, for its own files but can booth read and write files and also save in Microsoft's format.

Microsoft Office Word Processing Software (Word) posses advanced features than the former software. First, it has a built-in grammar checking tool and advanced document viewing options. Secondly it has a preview tool which shows all the work as it would appear if printed. Thirdly it has conditional formatting, the ability to automatically format work based on users needs. Fourth, it has smart art diagrams which the former software does not have. So for the best feature set, Microsoft has it all for you.

Hope this will help you.