Difference between Dynamic and Interactive Web Pages?

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Hi there,

I just have a short question.  What is the difference between a Dynamic Web Page and an Interactive Web Page?  I am building a new site for my sister-in-law for a small business that she owns. 


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Difference between Dynamic and Interactive Web Pages?


Hi Brian,

A dynamic web page is an interactive web page. They do not exist on the server (unlike static web pages) and are created on demand. These dynamic websites use either server side scripting or client side scripting languages (PHP, ASP, JSP) in order to provide customized contents to users and also rich interaction by providing interface for users.
Eg., Google Earth, search engines, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo stores. Response time, load balancing, bandwidth management, security, encryption, overhead are some of the important issues which we need to consider before creating a dynamic website. The server-side latency accounts for 40 percent of the total page delivery time experienced by end users.

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