Desktop with error on start up load

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I am experiencing an error problem with booting on my desktop. Each time I try to start it on, on the black screen, it would appear an error message " Detecting IDE Drives…". And it would not anymore boot up or start or proceed to Windows XP. In the past, I would just press "Control + ALT + Del" and it would start up already and proceed to WIndows.

But it got worse as each day passed by. I would have to do "Control + ALT + Del" several times before it would go to Windows. If it still does not work, I would turn off the CPU and wait for several minutes before I can turn it on again. I would just keep on repeatedly do the things I mentioned to make it work. Sometimes, I get lucky that it would proceed to Windows XP. But just recently, it would not work anymore.

Even if I do it several times, the error message " Detecting IDE drives…" would still appear. I hope you can help me understand what went wrong with my computer. What do you mean by IDE drives?

There is another message above that saying EM64T CPU, is this related to the error message I've been seeing? This is so frustrating. 

I hope you can help me.

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Desktop with error on start up load


There are a lot of issues that may occur while the system is booting. Whenever a system starts, it checks for the hardware correctness. If all the components or hardware is perfect then it checks for boot files from the hard disk. Seeing your problem I may insist you to do the following steps, if you still have a problem then please leave a message.

1. Check if all the connections of the system inside the CPU are tightly coupled, mainly focus on the hard disk bus. IDE refers to CD-ROM or HARD DISK. So you need to focus on hard disk connection because if the hard disk is connected perfectly, then the system will load the system files into the memory stick.

2. If the BUS is lost or damaged, then you will have to replace with an appropriate BUS.

If this doesn't work, then please come back again.

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Desktop with error on start up load


Hi Juliacrus, 

There are two reasons why this happens,

First is the IDE connector, the connector must have been damaged if the IDE is very old. It is better to replace your IDE cable first.

IDE cable Connecter

The second one is the OS itself, the OS must have been corrupted or there are some files that are missing. Repairing your OS can help but in a long run it will turn back again to your old problem. Reformat your HDD will solve your problem but first you need to back up your data on your HDD before you do so. Try anyway to repair your OS first, it might help you to open again your windows XP desktop before reformat it.

Hope this can help.

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