Design a page using Pagemaker

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Hello friends

I want to design a page using pagemaker.

Can anyone help me to get started designing a page using pagemaker?


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Design a page using Pagemaker


Here are some tutorials that can help you to build your own page using Pagemaker.  You just need to install flash player or quicktime on your computer to be able to view the tutorials.

Here is the Link:

This tutorial includes the following:


-Guides and Rulers

-Drawing Tools

-Fills and Outlines

-Frames and Blocks

-Control Pallet I

-Working with Text

-Working with Paragraphs

-Tabs and Indents

-Paragraph Styles

-Working with Graphics

-Manipulating with the Control Palette

-Arranging Objects

-Arranging Objects

-Misc Text

-Working in Long Documents

-Adobe Table



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Design a page using Pagemaker


Adobe Page Maker is usually used for the page layout for different industry such as business, education and professionals. It was used to create content for the web because it can publish the content quickly and easily without writing your own code into HTML. You should also have a basic knowledge of the limitation of the PageMaker HTML can design.

Here steps on how to start designing using Page Maker:

  1. Configure your HTML Pagemaker.

    1. Set up the folder hierarchy and file-naming convention. You should check first the right hierarchy of folder for your web page and maintain that structure when you are creating your pages.
    2.  Customize your Page Make with the defaults by clicking File > Preference > Online. You have to take note that there should no open documents when you do this step.
    3. Set the preference pixels for your page by going to File > Preferences > General.
  2. Create your new HTML page.

    1. Choose the appropriate size for your web page by clicking File > New. 
    2. Choose the text style you are going to use by adding the HTML styles from the styles palette pop-up menu. You have to keep in mind that bulleted and numbered lists cannot be displayed in Page Maker. 
    3. Define what color you are going to use for your font or background by editing the Page in the Colors palette. 
  3. Export page to HTML.

    1. Go to File > Export > HTML and click New if you want to add titles for the page. 
    2. Choose the location where you want to save your export file by clicking Document and name it with .Html or .Htm. 
    3. You can save your images in a separate folder by deselecting save images in the folder under document location for saving dialog and click OK. Then click Graphics and select the folder where you want your images to be saved. 
    4. If you want your page to be exported to HTML tables, map style or define graphics click Options and set your page on how you would like to convert it. 
    5. After you export your file and checked the view HTML in the HTML export, you can now view your page. It will automatically open in the browser you specified and ready to proof your work and test all the links. You can open your file and modify it anytime. 

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