Describe what is trojan virus?

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What is trojan virus?If it's occur how to remove it without losing your data?
Please tell me details.

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Describe what is trojan virus?



Trojan virus is specified as a Trojan horse, it is a virus disguise themselves as valuable and useful software available for download on the Internet. This ploy fools most people and they end up downloading the virus disguise as some other application. It is typically separated into two parts a server and client.

To remove this virus try the following steps stated below.

1. Open the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), select the Process tab, right click "generic.dx" or a similar name, and select "end process"

2. Run an anti-virus software such as Spyware terminator and etc. 

3. Activate a real-time shield in order to prevent other malicious programs from running.

4. From the start menu, use the search window and search any files containing generic.dx and delete them.

5. Open the start menu, open "run" enter regedit and click OK.

6. Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareGeneric.dx and delete it as well.


If it doesn't work, make sure your anti -virus is in the latest version or must be updated.. 



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Describe what is trojan virus?


 A trojan is actually not a virus. It is malicious software that states to be useful but actually permits the person who sent it to you to access your computer without your consent. You should always and save a backup of your important files. Because data loss is a natural threat of computer. So better to practice to save all your files either CD/DVD/hard disk/flash drive aside from your computer. To reduce your risk of being a victim of Trojan Virus, there are several ways to remember. First and foremost, do not open any suspicious looking email and do not click on the links. Don’t download any software from unknown sites. Don’t use any third party for software updates. Finally, keep a habit to update your antivirus / anti-spyware updated.

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