Describe about FreeMind 1.0.1 software

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What is Clone and how does it use? How to share a map in my network by using FreeMind 1.0.1 software? Can I restore zoom and last selected nodes? How to create location based mind mappings? What will be done to press Control-Q? What is the point of interest (POI) and to use this? Is there a workplace for internet research using Google? Is there opportunity for spell check? What are disadvantages in it? Thank You

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Describe about FreeMind 1.0.1 software



           The free mind is a mind mapping software written in Java. Recently the development has been turned to high productivity.

          This software is faster than other mind manager because one click "follow link" operations. It is a tool that hands the tray slips of one scientist the art of motorcycle maintenance called Lila.

           we can keep personal knowledge base, we can directly use free mind.

           The free mind keeps all the proven record and keep it very safe and secure instructions and find out and clear all the errors of bugs which reduces our bad files.

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