Dell inspiron 6000 is not working properly? no wifi,audio and etc

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My cousin passed me this Dell INSPIRON 6000 laptop. But I think it needs to be reformatted. That's why I did. But then I installed win 7, not all of the features were working. No WIFI (The adapter is the Intel Pro/wireless 2200 bg), audio (sigmatel audio driver), and Bluetooth connection and etc. I did this, because I knew that win 7 has its own drivers.

But now I knew I was wrong. win 7 is not complete pack for all the previous drivers of computer features.

What I did was, I searched the net for the drivers for my laptop. Download it from the dell website itself (to prevent virus Trojans and other spywares) the downloading took a while. This is the site

The dell website is offering downloaders to download their dell downloading software (you may not download it ,base on my experience. It doesn't work at all!!) please do also take note. That some software's that offered to be downloaded. Is not important at all ex. dell Inspiron manager etc., please do notice also for the WIFI driver, specific WIFI driver is offered for specific places.

But then at the time I've installed it.

I still encountered some issues, like "the device has been used by another program please close the program before installing this app",(due to I've installed the dell managing software) so I really advice to be perhaps be carefully of downloading this software.

After I've installed it my laptop has been operating on its full capacity, with its full specs, WIFI, audio,Bluetooth and etc.

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Dell inspiron 6000 is not working properly? no wifi,audio and etc


With regards to this case, there are possible causes. One of which were the drivers installed. It was indicated above that  the user used a utility created in Dell that updates all the peripheral devices used by the laptop itself to its latest versions. But, it was also indicated that even if the user made that solution, it does not solve the problem. Another cause was the BIOS version of the Dell Inspiron 6000 itself. The user does not indicate the Bios version of the said laptop.

There are cases that even if the manufacturer (which was Dell) provided latest drivers for that model for latest operating systems been created primarily by Microsoft (which was windows 7) that requires to upgrade the BIOS to its latest version that supports all of the editions of Windows 7. The BIOS itself communicate with the devices installed in the laptop using the machine language that serves as the middleman of both the OS and the peripheral devices.

To make this solution, you can go to the official site of Dell. Then search the model, and search the support drivers. In the support and drivers link, you can view there on how to update your system BIOS by either flashing and live updating via internet. I do suggest to use the live update via internet to lessen the risk of making your laptop bricked.

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Dell inspiron 6000 is not working properly? no wifi,audio and etc


There should be some error in the OS that you have installed.

Driver is some kind of software which gives the information about hardware component to the Operating system.

There can be different drivers for one component which are suitable for different systems.

If you are not using a standard OS then these kinds of problems can occur.

Reinstall your system with a standard OS. 

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Dell inspiron 6000 is not working properly? no wifi,audio and etc


Hi good day the procedure of download is correct but you need to enter the Service Tag so that you can get the latest update of the software.

Then after entering the service tag > select the operating system that you use (example: on the “Refine Your Results” operating system: just select Windows 7 and the category isAll) then download all drivers that you needed.

Note: Please find the Service tag at the side or at the back in your laptop.

Select driver compatible to the system.


When you download the video driver, and you install it but it is not work, download again until you select the good compatible driver.

Thank you, hope its help;



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