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I am accessing my emails on my iPhone from our Exchange Server using IMAP. However, I find that deleting emails on my iPhone does not also delete the emails on the Exchange Server. I attempted to move emails to a folder with the same results. The emails do not get moved in the Exchange Server. Is the problems with my device or with the server? I have been able to delete emails and move them to a folder in my previous iPhone and it reflected on the Exchange Server. Is it true that IMAP purge is not being transmitted by my iPhone? Creating an Exchange/ActiveSync account on my iPhone is not an option right now. Can you advise if there are other things I can do?

Thank you.

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The problem is with the settings that you are using on the iphone. You will need to check that you have set the and the iPhone so that they can be able to use the Trash/Deleted Items folder under  the account settings on the server for deleting messages.

Otherwise, the server might just be taking a little more time, and therefore you should be a bit more patient and see if the messages will be deleted from the exchange  server eventually. You can as well restart the iphone to refresh the settings, especially after you have changed them as indicated above.

-Thompson Locker