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How to use the Database and combine it with the Visual Basic Programming Language to update, delete and add data?

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Hi Austin a lovely question from you and it is very interesting when dealing with VB language by combining Database for modifying of the data in database.

To use the database just download it and enter valid credentials and then access it and from VB programming it is very easy to access the database and is accessed by using the commands.

First we have to create an object for sqlconnection for connecting to database like sqlconnection con="userid="",password="" as i am telling roughly original query changes in VB.

To alter any changes in database we have to just write down the query we are going to apply and then the change will be directly updated in the database if the connection is made successful.

Its very important that connection should be made successful for the data that is entering in the database as the records will be available in the database.

Thank You.