Data recover in split view file manager

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I split my various files in split view file manager. Due to some electricity shut down, I lost my data from file manager. How can I recover my lost data?

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Data recover in split view file manager


Hello dawson,

Here are some suggestion for your current problem. That would be better for your problem.

For your best protection from losing data end data recovery you need to use NTFS recovery for save file and burn file to disk and backup and recovery during hard drive problem.

Recuva can be operate through USB flash drive and you can successfully recover your file using recuva software.

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Data recover in split view file manager


Recovering your data after it got lost due to power failure is possible but it depends on the current status of your computer. What I mean about the status is that, it depends on whether or not you copied files to the drive where the lost file is stored.

This is because, when you delete a file or it is accidentally deleted due to unfavorable circumstances like power failure, the file itself is actually not yet deleted. If a file is deleted intentionally or manually, it will go straight to the Recycle Bin where there is a great chance of recovering it.

But if the file was deleted by accident like in your case, due to power failure, you can still recover it even if it’s not there on the Recycle Bin. The sectors on the hard drive that the file occupies leave something like a mark or a trace about the data it stores.

If you didn’t make any copying of file on the drive where it is stored, there is a great chance that it can be recovered. But if you already performed any copying of file on the drive, the sectors it previously occupied can be overwritten by new data and in this case, recovery is not possible.

If your deleted file is located on the system drive, C, I’m not sure if you can still recover it because continuous file activities are ongoing on the drive. If the deleted file is on a separate drive, it is possible to recover it. You can use PC Tools Performance Toolkit to recover your deleted file.

Download it from PC Tools Performance Toolkit and unpack it using 7-Zip. Once unpacked, run “ptinstall.exe” to install PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Once installed, run it, select Recovery tab, and then click Recover Lost Files. Configure the settings then click Start Scan. If the file is found, try to recover it.

Sometimes even if the file is found, recovering it is not possible because of the file’s current status. Sometimes the deleted file is cross-linked to other files, the possible result of overwriting the file with new data that belongs to a new file. Additionally, to allow you to use the full features of the program, you need to register PC Tools Performance Toolkit.

To do that, click Start, Run, type without quotes “cmd” then hit Enter. In the command prompt window, type without quotes “cdprogram filespc toolspc tools utilities” then hit Enter. Again type without quotes “pt register” then hit Enter. Open the “Keys.txt” file included in the download and copy the details to the registration dialog box to register.

That should do it.

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