Data Dictionary error detected on my PC

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Hi everyone,

I left my brother with my computer for just a day and the next day when I my computer started it displayed this error shown below about Svchost Ntdll.dll Error. Why am I getting this?

An error was detected in a data dictionary on your local system.

An installed data dictionary is incompatible with previously installed version.

The error may have been caused by a recently installed component.

For more information about this issue, visit and enter the info code MAXSchemaError.

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Data Dictionary error detected on my PC


Data dictionary errors occur when new National Instruments software is installed. The solution to this problem is to install a newer version of the same software or to uninstall the current version and install an older one.

You can also revert to the uncorrupted backup:

1. Log in as Administrator

2. Run the Developer Zone Community MAX Database Corruption Removal Tool (available from the National Instruments homepage

3. Stop the NI Configuration Manager: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Right-click on NI Configuration Manager and choose Stop.

4. Delete all the config*.* files in the MAX data folder that's located under C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataNational InstrumentsMAX in XP and under C:ProgramDataNational InstrumentsMax in Vista.

5. Delete all the files from the …/Data Dictionaries/Last/ folder and on non-Windows platforms also mxs.mxr

6. Find the checkpoint to restore to. You can find the checkpoints in the  …DatamxsCheckpoints folder.

7. Copy …mxsCheckpoints<last checkpoint>.cptconfig3.mxs into the Data folder.

8. Copy all the DLL files from …mxsCheckpoints<last checkpoint>.cpt into the …Data DictionariesLast folder.

9. Reboot your computer.


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