Is cross linking an ethical SEO practice?

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What is cross linking in terms of Search Engine Optimisation? Is it an ethical SEO practice? What are the benefits of using it on a webpage? Is there a downside to the use of cross linking? In what circumstances could it be harmful? What is anchor text and how is it used in cross linking?

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Is cross linking an ethical SEO practice?


Cross linking in SEO is the process of creating links between two websites disregard of the fact the two sites owned by same person or different owners.

  • Cross linking is a major factor in SEO to get high SERP's, but it is always a good practice to be updated of Google rules to avoid any penalty. 
  • Cross linking in a smart way is the right path with right use of anchor text, which will help you achieve good SEO.
  • Never over use cross linking, It's not a good practice to over cross link which in turn downgrade your websites ranking.

Anchor text is the text or words that are visible in the links which are clickable. Anchor Text plays very important role in effective SEO and is considered as a good practice . Thus cross linking websites with right use of Anchor Text helps achieve nice SERP's. The key point is if many links with similar Anchor Text are pointing towards a page that page's rank will automatically increased.


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