Creating Quality Posters Using Photoshop Software

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Posters are everyday advertising phenomenon. Some poster are quite effective at achieving their intended objectives whiles some fall woefully flat on the face due to unattractive or ineffective design. What steps do you recommend I take to ensure that my posters are of high quality and exceedingly effective in conveying my message to the intended audience and get more-than-expected results?


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Creating Quality Posters Using Photoshop Software


I am a longtime user of Photoshop, but last semester I took a course in Computer Graphics Communication that required Adobe Illustrator CS6, and one of the projects for the course was to make an event poster. While working on that, I got lots of advice from my instructor along the way, so I will pass that advice along to you.

First of all, study other posters on the internet. Note the layout of the text, for example. Really good posters use no more than two different fonts. Also, decide what you want to stand out and what you don't. Look at his movie poster, for example:

Note the way the title, the release date, and "From the Visionary Director of '300'" are all in yellow, thereby making them stand out vs. the white text.

Also, decide how you want any images on the posters to stand out. Note how the image is placed in the above poster, for example. Or look at this classic one for "Casablanca", noting how the characters go around the title of the movie:

Or here's a really cool event poster. Note how they make the activities of the event stand out:

Just know that yes, I said I learned to use Illustrator, but you can achieve these things on Photoshop as well.

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