Create Program for Business Tattoo Booth Rental

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Hello experts,

I want to create a program for my business tattoo booth rental. I need some brilliant suggestion to start with my creation, let us start on the best programming language to use with this kind of business. I need a system that will help me on my business, also suggest for a beautiful business logo regarding tattoo booth rental.

Thank you.

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Create Program for Business Tattoo Booth Rental



Hi Hay Lin Lyana,

I guess you want to start online shop with great design and for this you may take help from freeware and then you need not to do any programming job. There are some freeware I can suggest you is, TomatoCart or OpenCart. Have a try. Hope it will help you. Good luck.

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Create Program for Business Tattoo Booth Rental


Hello Hay Lin Lyana,


You didn't specify what your Operating System is. They already recommend some open-source software for Windows so I will recommend X-Cart or OSCommerce.

If you are planning to make your own system then I can only give you tips.

If you are using a small network or a single computer then using a Visual Basic as programming language with SQL as database should suffice. If you want to put it on the web then PHP and SQL should be enough.

I believe that the system you are looking for is a mix of a Library and either Manufacturing or Inventory Systems so try to read into those and you should be able to grasp an idea.

As for the logo, I can't give you any suggestions because I don't have an idea what a tattoo logo looks like. Maybe a tribal one?

Hope this helps.

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